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Attracting and retaining start-ups on your Science Park is challenging, but the benefits of building an early relationship with high growth businesses are clear.


To win in this highly competitive area of the market, the provision of high-quality workspace is not enough. You need to demonstrate your commitment to their success via the provision of support services designed to accelerate their growth and increase their chances of success. 


The Triple Chasm solves this problem for you. Our tools and methodologies enable you to:

  1. Categorise the start-ups on site to aid strategic planning

  2. Track the start-ups growth and progress

  3. Adopt a consistent commercialisation language to connect your start-ups to the support they need

  4. Generate and nurture entrepreneurial interest in commercialisation from your researchers

  5. Track the commercialisation journeys of research ideas

The Triple Chasm is built on insights and data gathered from more than 3,000 global companies. This work enabled us to define commercialisation maturity and identify the 12 drivers of growth. It also led to the development of a comprehensive set of intervention tools, which we implement in your organisation via our trained facilitators and mentors via our Triple Chasm Academies.

"The Discovery Park Reactor programme is a central plank of our Innovation strategy, driving Discovery Park’s development into a hub for translation of life sciences research. It complements our other innovation-related activities such as the opening of our new Incubator facility in the middle of 2022.


We are looking forward to helping a range of exciting companies accelerate towards their goals, working in partnership with the Triple Chasm Company and the scheme’s excellent mentors."

- Mayer Schreiber, CEO of Discovery Park


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