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The Idea To Impact 
Research Programme

The last five decades have seen a huge interest in innovation as a driver of growth, with thousands of papers and books published on the subject. While this has covered a wide range of research genres, the extra-ordinary fact remains that very little attention has been paid to how innovations translate into social, environmental, and economic impact. Until now.

The goal of this research programme is to understand how ideas can be translated to deliver impact.

In particular, this research programme needs to focus on three specific themes:

  1. ‘Richer’ characterisation of markets and businesses within them: rather than resorting to simplistic notions of market failure, we need to understand the outcome of interactions between the wide range of existing, new, and emerging actors, ownership structures, and regulatory environments

  2. More dynamic and accurate understanding of how innovation is actually translated into impact: we need to understand the meso-economics of growth, which drives non-equilibrium growth

  3. Recognising the critical role of the public sector in the innovation process: creation of economic value is a collective process, not simply something that the private sector can tackle on its own.

The Idea to Impact research programme can be divided into Two Phases:

  • Phase 1, which ran from 2010-2021, involved a fundamental re-appraisal of existing approaches and led to the development of a new integrative data-driven approach: The Triple Chasm Model

  • Phase 2, which started in 2022 will extend insights based on a much wider global data set with thematic focusses in areas such as sustainability.

To learn more, read this blog post.

Phase 2 2022 - 2027

Extend insights based on a much wider global data set with some thematic focusses including applying the Triple Chasm Model to provide a more nuanced understanding of sustainability considerations relevant to the climate challenge.

Phase 2 Research Partners


To become a Phase 2 research partner, get in touch.

Phase 1 2010 - 2021
Commercialising innovation: A new integrative data-driven approach

Investment in research and development globally is predicated on the premise that science and technology-enabled innovations hold the key to growth, but the process of translating ideas into value and impact is not well-understood. Our research programme, started in 2010, is designed to explore how science and technology-enabled innovation is actually commercialised.

The findings of Phase 1 include a summary of The Triple Chasm Model and a five part paper, available for download here.

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Download Phase 1 Research 

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