#100Days1000Days - Navigating away from crisis towards a new normal

On the basis of our first three #100Days1000Days themed webinars we came to a conclusion that – in the words of Dr Chiraz Ennaceur - CEO of Corrosion Radar

"We should think about how to Survive, Revive and then Thrive if we are to get out of the catastrophic economic situation we are in now"

If you missed the Webinars first time around, catch up via our replay recordings.

In the first webinar with Frank Zijlstra we thought about the #100days1000days headline in terms of how it might be a mindset to help us into the future. And the main formation of the thought process is to create checklists, modelled on the way pilots and doctors are trained to deal with every possible situation.

In the second webinar titled – Extending the Runway, we added to our panel with Andrew Lynn – CEO of Fluidic and Cambridge Angel Simon Thorpe.

While we all agreed on the immediate and necessary steps for cash flow management and discussed the role of banks and investors; the real conversation rested on demonstrating leadership which provided effective communication with staff which is transparent, kind and understanding. In addition to working on ensuring supply chains and customers are kept on side.

Our third topic was based on keeping and growing customers. There was good interaction from the folks on the webinar and we summarised this conversation as follows:

  • Time to decide who we value as customers going from Survive to Thrive – with Revive in the middle of the journey.

  • The extensive and deeper use of online communication to stay in touch and create a sense of community with customers and wider networks. Enabling companies and their senior managers to position themselves as thought leaders and become the “go-to” people when times get better.

The takeaway is that the 100days needs to be dealt with swiftly and as time passes most firms will have taken action to ensure their own survival. In the next phase of revival – there has to be imagination on what practical steps can be taken to “stay in the market” and keep in touch with customers, ensure the loyalty of teams and remain prudent.

For the longer term 1000days actions need to be taken in the survival phase providing the necessary steps for the third phase of thriving into the future.

So – there are both mindset issues as well as the very practical here and now actions that can be taken. As for the latter – my colleagues at the Triple Chasm Company have been working on purposing and refining the model to provide the anchors for both tactical and operational tools as well as the mechanism for dynamic strategy development to get into the 1000days mode - you can download The Triple Chasm white paper to learn more.

We are planning another set of three webinars to help build a strong picture for the 1000Days agenda, so stay tuned.

Stay well.


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