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The Triple Chasm Company Delivers Life Sciences Programming In The United States

The Triple Chasm Company in Cambridge and Akita Biomedical Consulting in San Diego have teamed up to offer a unique Scale-Up Masterclass for early-stage biotech and life sciences companies.

The Triple Chasm Company (TCC) combine their unquie data collected during a 10 year global Scale-Up research program, two books, and their experience working with British, European and Indian early-stage companies and biotech firms. Their Triple Chasm Model was developed and refined in the Cambridge deep science and technology cluster. Akita Biomedical, a twenty-year-old biotech commercialization, and marketing consulting firm, brings deep experience in the biomedical field and builds on the expertise of the San Diego medtech cluster.

The vision for the 6-week program is to assist early-stage companies to clearly understand their position in the ever-changing and complex life sciences sector – where innovation exists at the intersection of technologies and is challenging to articulate.

Supporting the program is a cutting-edge toolset from the TCC and a world-class faculty. Complementing these program cornerstones are mentors with over 20 – 30 years of experience taking innovations to market and mentoring early-stage companies. They bring with them their extensive networks.

The teams:

  • BDD Bioneedle (Amsterdam) - Medical device and vaccine delivery system.

  • AISight Health (San Diego). - Med device AI software for tracking various glaucoma disease measurements and disease progression prediction (e.g., OCT, VFs, IOPs).

  • Abithas (Chicago)- Reducing disparities in asthma and COPD by eliminating inhaler misuse

  • FORCEnce (Glasgow) - Med device tool for drug screening in preclinical

  • Algeon Materials - Materials venture sustainability- application of core technology

  • Translational Imaging Innovation - Med device Software imaging platform

Hosting the program are Dr. John M. York, CEO of Akita Biomedical,Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam (Shai), Founding Associate of Triple Chasm Company and Visiting Professor at Cranfield University, and Dr. Maria Paz Rodriquez from the University of California, San Diego and Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile.


The Triple Chasm Company was established to exploit the insights from a 5-year global research programme which looked at how innovative companies grow and scale. The results generated a seminal book published in 2017 called ‘Camels, Tigers and Unicorns: Re-thinking science and technology-enabled innovation’. This was followed by ‘The Scale-up Manual’ which converted these insights into practical tools for growth companies.

The Triple Chasm Company provides a digital platform, tools and associated services to intervention agencies, investors, and strategic consulting partners who work with growth companies, focused on the following building blocks:

  • Maturity of any proposition, based on cumulative customer growth, the three Chasms where growth is interrupted and the concept of Commercialisation Readiness Level (CRL), which is distinct from Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

  • Meso-economic Vectors (growth drivers), which enable relative priorities to be quantified along the commercialisation journey

  • Understanding new and emerging market-space-centric value chains

  • Commercialisation Intensity of any proposition along its commercialisation journey

  • Ideological stance, which defines overall priorities, best exemplified in the concept of Sustainability Stance, which provides the first effective antidote to green-washing.

To find out more visit Triple Chasm Model ( or contact

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