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UK companies invited to apply to intensive growth programme with leading mentors

Sandwich, Kent, July 21 2021 – Discovery Park, the Life Sciences Opportunity Zone for ambitious and growing life sciences companies, is pleased to announce the launch of its first Reactor programme to drive the development of life sciences firms in the UK. With high profile mentors such as such as Isabel Fox, General Partner of Outsized Ventures, Non-Executive Director and Trustee Jo Pisani and Dr Claire Thompson of Agility Life Sciences, the eight-week development programme will enable companies to analyse their businesses and position them for growth. Delivered as two half-day sessions per week, the Reactor will be free of charge for successful applicants and is based on the Triple Chasm Company’s approach for commercialising innovation.

The Discovery Park Reactor is suitable for enterprises at all stages, from entrepreneurs with start-ups to growth and more mature firms. Its data-driven approach will allow companies to better understand their individual priorities and needs, and how to allocate resources. Equating to around £15,000 of consultancy per team, the programme includes support from leading life sciences mentors, more of whom will be announced soon. Applications open today, July 21, and those interested can find out more about the programme by joining a short webinar2 on Tuesday July 27 2021 at 12 noon BST.

Other advantages to joining the programme include access to the some of the Triple Chasm analysis tools for a year and membership of Discovery Park’s community, including access to business services. The Triple Chasm Company’s approach combines the understanding of the three ‘chasms’, or stages where business development stalls, with analysis of a company’s technology and commercialisation readiness level and 12 vectors which drive growth. It is supported by data from thousands of high-growth companies across the world.

Mayer Schreiber, CEO of Discovery Park, said, ‘The Reactor programme is a central plank of our Innovation strategy, driving Discovery Park’s development into a hub for translation of life sciences research. It complements our other innovation-related activities such as the opening of our new Incubator facility in the middle of 2022. We are looking forward to helping a range of exciting companies accelerate towards their goals, working in partnership with the Triple Chasm Company and the scheme’s excellent mentors.’

For more information please go to

For more information about Discovery Park please contact:

Discovery Park

Emma Palmer Foster, Communications +44 (0)7880 787185


Discovery Park is a thriving part of the South East’s life science community. The site offers high quality laboratory, office and manufacturing facilities, the space and support to expand, access to local finance, and a strong local scientific talent pool. It was named recently one of six prestigious UK Life Sciences Opportunity Zones by the UK Government, and is developing its vision for a Manufacturing Village.

The growing tenant community includes Pfizer, which built the site’s reputation as a centre for drug discovery and discovered some of the most famous drugs in the world here. Other tenants include Algaecytes, Canterbury Christ Church University, Concept Life Sciences, eXroid, Genea Biomedx, LGC, Viatris, Psyros Diagnostics, Salvensis, VisusNano and Wren Healthcare. Discovery Park is home to 160+ companies employing 3,500 employees in total. With easy connections to London, Europe and the world Discovery Park is a great place to build and grow your biotech, medtech or pharma business. Discover more via our website: email: or call: 01304 614060. You can also follow us on social media.


The Triple Chasm Company was established to exploit the insights from a 5-year global research programme which looked at how innovative companies grow and scale. The results generated a seminal book published in 2017 called ‘Camels, Tigers and Unicorns: Re-thinking science and technology-enabled innovation’. This was followed by ‘The Scale-up Manual’ which converted these insights into practical tools for growth companies.

The Triple Chasm Company provides a digital platform, tools and associated services to intervention agencies, investors, and strategic consulting partners who work with growth companies, focused on the following building blocks:

  • Maturity of any proposition, based on cumulative customer growth, the three Chasms where growth is interrupted and the concept of Commercialisation Readiness Level (CRL), which is distinct from Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

  • Meso-economic Vectors (growth drivers), which enable relative priorities to be quantified along the commercialisation journey

  • Understanding new and emerging market-space-centric value chains

  • Commercialisation Intensity of any proposition along its commercialisation journey

  • Ideological stance, which defines overall priorities, best exemplified in the concept of Sustainability Stance, which provides the first effective antidote to green-washing.

To find out more visit Triple Chasm Model (

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