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Calling Agri-food Scale-ups!
How to survive, stabilise, and grow.



Are you an ambitious agri-food company looking to scale?

Dealing with the impact of COVID-19, figuring out your strategic focus, how to inspire your growing team, or how to fund your business.

Then the EIT Food Scale-up Academy powered by the Triple Chasm Model is exactly what you need.

How will your business benefit?

The EIT Food Scale-up Academy is an exciting new program that helps Europe’s most promising agri-food companies:

  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of the drivers of growth

  2. Define your market space to better position your offering

  3. Understand your customers and go-to-market options

  4. Understand the internal factors that enable you to make the best of your opportunity

  5. Embed sustainability and resilience at the heart of your proposition

  6. Develop a robust plan; identifying exactly what you need to do to achieve your strategic target

  7. Expand your network across the eco-system; enabling you to talk to key customers, partners, suppliers, and investors

  8. Improve your chances of getting the right funding and investment

  9. Improve dynamics within your leadership team.

The Academy brings together short, medium, and long-term actions under a single coherent framework, rather than treating them as separate or ad-hoc responses.

When is the EIT Food Academy?

  • 9th November 2020 - 30th November 2020. 

  • Half-day sessions 10:00 - 13:00 CET

Who is the EIT Food Scale-up Academy for?

The EIT Food Scale-up Academy is for Agri-Food businesses that:​

  • Have high growth aspirations & potential to generate significant annual revenues or to raise significant equity funding

  • Have a technological solution within one of the EIT Food focus areas including targeted nutrition, sustainable aquaculture, sustainable agriculture, alternative proteins, digital transformation of traceability, and circular food systems

  • Can send a minimum of 5 company leaders like CxO, Directors, VP’s, Department Heads

What does it cost?

The EIT Food Scale-up Academy is generously supported by EIT Food, and for a limited time only a 60% COVID-19 discount is available on the programme. You only need to pay €2,000 and commit the people to attend the sessions.

In addition to the mentor led online sessions, you will also receive a 12-month license to the Triple Chasm tools, which is the strategic framework under pinning The Academy, based on global research with more than 3,000 companies and on-going membership of the Linked In commercialisation community.

How do I apply?

This program is now active & applications are closed. You can follow progress of the cohort via our social media accounts.


If you are Interested in joining future Scale-up Academies, please get in touch, and subscribe to our newsletter & follow us on social media.